Residential Leak Detection

Sprinkler System Leak Detection in Martin County including Stuart, Jensen Beach, Sewall’s Point, Port Salerno, Hobe Sound and Palm City Florida.

Do you suspect you have a water leak? Is there a consistently wet or squishy area in the yard? Maybe you have a damp spot on the floor. Perhaps a wet area on the drywall or other conspicuous area, but are not sure of the exact location of the leak.   Or might you be missing some clues that signal a more concealed water leak?  While some leaks are more visible and sometimes more alarming, small or hidden leaks can go unnoticed for quite some time.  

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What are some indications that you may have an unseen water leak?


Maybe your city water bill is higher than normal or your well pump keeps going on and off even when the water is not in use. Might a water leak be the cause of that low pressure on your irrigation or house fixtures? Does your water conditioning equipment seem to be working properly and using salt at a steady rate but your water in the home appears or smells untreated at times? Maybe that low hissing noise you keep trying to ignore is a slow water leak that needs to be addressed, especially if you’re paying for city water.

Water leaks can cause a myriad of problems from ground erosion to mold and excessive water bills. While some leaks are larger than others and show up easily with the damage they cause, other smaller leaks, as a leaky toilet fitting, can cost additional money over time that may go unnoticed, even when using well water. What may appear to be inadequate or inefficient water conditioning equipment may actually be caused by a slow leak not allowing the equipment to recognize the slow water consumption and consequently not beginning the softening process timely.

Troubleshooting problematic water issues is our specialty

Leak Detection Process

Knowing and understanding how to diagnose water pressure and volume problems in your home and sprinkler system is where we stand out above the rest. We will show up prepared with the tools to pinpoint your water issue or leak, but the most valuable tool we will show up with is our knowledge and experience achieved by being in the business for over 30 years and being a 3rd generation water repair company. We know how to listen for, look for and effectively track down and locate elusive water leaks.

Water leak detection is done through a process of elimination. We begin with non-invasive methods to detect the area of a leak before digging in your yard. In most instances, estimates for sprinkler and outside water leak repairs can be given the same day and will be repaired in a timely manner. If the water leak appears to be inside, the general area of the leak can be located and needed repairs scheduled with your trusted plumbing contractor.


If you’re ignoring the symptoms of a water leak or just wondering why your irrigation system is not performing as it should, call us today.

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