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Sprinkler Systems

To have a consistently green yard in South Florida, a sprinkler system is a must.  A well maintained and strategic system is an important key to keeping your lawn and landscape healthy.  In this day of water conservation awareness, every drop should count.  Rain sensors are an important tool to help with water conservation and prevent over watering. It becomes even more significant to customers that have irrigation supplied by city water, as each unnecessary drop becomes wasted money as well as wasted water. 

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Sprinkler System Issues

Un-common sprinkler issues are where we shine. Our specialty is problematic, intermittent, and seemingly un-diagnosable sprinkler and water issues. These can include low volume and hard to find leaks see leak detection page, sprinkler wiring problems, system coming on randomly, individual electric valve malfunctions, locating hidden valves and wells, low pressure on only a few heads in one zone, not getting full coverage between sprinkler heads, landscape disrupting spray pattern, and keeping overspray off homes, driveways and patios. If there is a water flow, pressure, or coverage issue that remains undiagnosed, we welcome the opportunity to find the source of the problem and correct it.

Our technician is using a wire tracker to locate a hidden valve. 

Lightning struck this clock and blew off the door and inner panel.

Weather, Worker and Wheel Abuse

Sprinkler systems and lawns get continual abuse from the elements and the people that live and work around them. Florida weather ranges from sweltering temperatures with scorching sunshine to heavy downpours of rain and lightning followed by unwanted lengthy dry seasons and, sometimes, even unexpected freezing temperatures. Frost and lightning strikes effect sprinkler systems as well as abuse from mower wheels, landscape shovels and equipment, service vehicles and even unintentional friendly party goers parking on fragile pipes, heads or valve boxes. Over a short amount of time, these little things can mean big problems for your yard, which in turn leaves it more susceptible to bugs and weeds.

Scheduled Maintenance

Many sprinkler companies perform what is called a “wet check”. This is where the technician simply runs through all the clock zones to be sure they each come on effectively. With In Line, Inc., a sprinkler maintenance program is not simply a “wet check”. It is a thorough system check with maintenance and needed repairs to help ensure that your lawn and landscape remain hardy and able to withstand most weather, worker and wheel abuse. Heads are cleaned around and straightened to allow them to work properly and consistently, delivering an even spray to the intended coverage area decreasing brown spots or puddling and over watering around the head, along with special attention paid to overspray areas such as driveways, patios or walls. A technician runs each zone checking pressure and volume and locates any repair issues such as damaged rotor heads, misters, pipe, fittings etc. Clock settings are checked, and if needed, adjusted to lawn and landscape demands being careful to follow state and city water restrictions. All sprinkler equipment performance, such as water pump, water tank, rain sensor, chemical injection system, sediment filter and such are assessed and any failures or necessary repairs can be brought to the owner’s attention timely in order to help fend off the damaging effects to the lawn and landscape. Having maintenance done routinely every three months give a lawn an incredible advantage.

Tips for a Florida Hardy Lawn

South Florida weather is at the best, unpredictable. Precipitation levels, heat, sun exposure and storms vary greatly season to season. This can wreak havoc on your landscaping and lawn design. Securing the right water level for your lawn with these shifting conditions is really what matters most. While adequate water is essential to a green and healthy lawn, too much water encourages shallow roots and squishy grass. A yard with shallow grass roots will wilt and brown quickly when the summer sun beats down and an inevitable dry spell comes. Keeping your lawn in top condition is a labor of love. Putting all the effort into your lawn for weeding, mowing, grooming and protection is all for nothing if you don’t deliver every blade the proper amount of water.

We are the irrigation pros who understand that just as every lawn is different, so are the needs and concerns of each home owner. See how lush and green your lawn can be when you hire a sprinkler company that knows the region and really cares.

We hope your will check out our Blog for tips and ideas on how to start, grow and maintain that healthy lawn we all desire.

Tips for a Hardy Lawn

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